Youth Ministry!

youth ministry

Changed: To break away from the relationships and habits that hinder their Christian walk and to help them to create new habits that will develop maturity and faith.

Challenged: To grow in boldness to walk unashamedly for Christ in a world that falls further away from Christian values. 

Connected: To guide them in Christ-centered friendships that will give them encouragement and accountability.

Youth group ages: 12-19!

Youth Group is meeting one Friday of every month from 6:00-8:00 pm . They have snacks, games, worship, and a study into God’s Word. They are currently doing a study in the Assurances of God.

The Youth Ministry encourages our youth to love God and serve Him with all their heart. It also provides a great opportunity for the youth to hear messages that are relevant to the the issues that they are facing and messages that will lead them to fall more in love with Jesus. 

Some of the youth in one our Special Christmas Service.


The three kings