Upcoming Events

Life Groups – Life Groups are meeting each month in four different locations. Find one close to you and join in the fellowship. Go to Life Groups on our Ministries page for more information.

Run, Rally & Rock

Saturday, Aug. 5th East Mountain Vineyard will have a booth set up once again at Edgewood’s Run, Rally & Rock event on Route 66. Come out an visit with us. Find out who we are and what we are all about. Let us tell you about some of the up-coming events at our church.

from Tragedy to Forgiveness

Is it even possible to forgive someone who has cause hurt you deeply and caused unspeakable pain? Sherry Anderson must have asked herself that question as she watched and unthinkable tragedy unfold before her eyes – all the fault of a stranger.

On Saturday August 12, Sherry will share her personal and powerful testimony of how she moved from the pain and prison of bitterness to the Freedom and Joy of Forgiveness. Her presentation includes music, a news clip, and video of a real-life courtroom scene like you have never seen before.

Saturday August 12, 7:00 pm – Admission is FREE!