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Ministry Spot Light!Tom in New Hope, PA

Benevolence Fund

Written by Thomas Van Hart

As I left Lee and Betty Griego’s home in the woods of Edgewood, I was overcome with awe by the beauty of the twilight staring back from the west. “That’s why we love it here,” Lee said quietly. And I guess so. If I’d learned anything from Lee during the past hour sitting and talking, it was that wherever he went, whatever he was doing, he would find the half full glass…the goodness…the vision of God…meant for him.

While serving in the Air Force in southern California, Lee teamed up with a fellow serviceman developing a set of protocols for the repair of jet engines before catastrophic (and extremely expensive) failure. That effort was draining for Lee and he came home to New Mexico’s Canon Air Force Base.

Lee’s up tempo attitude has aided him in his 2nd career of counseling. Positive attitude combines with patience (and a few tools) and, voilĂ , you have a superb mechanic. This is a tiny corner of a picture of the man we call Lee Griego. He has been involved with East Mountain Vineyard since the days of worship in Pastor Bill’s basement. Lee has accepted responsibility for several important church undertakings. He administers the East Mountain Vineyard

Benevolence program; a program designed to aid those in need of Christ centered assistance. This assistance is meant as the ‘help of last resort’ and may come in tandem with financial counseling and requested changes in the way the recipient handles their finances. Never to be considered a debt, repayment is neither expected nor allowed.

Contributions may be given to the Benevolence Fund by stipulated offering. The Fund is an East Mountain Vineyard Church budget item and as with all of our missions, is maintained by congregation tithe. Suggestions for recipients of assistance are welcome and may be made to Lee, Bill Murchison or any other of the leadership team.

Benevolence Ministry

Benevolence Ministry

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