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Ministry Spot Light!

Greeting Ministry

                        Written by Thomas Van HartTom in New Hope, PA

The Greeting Ministry is a welcoming exercise and one we all have contact with every Sunday morning. Assembling the Greeting Team since the early days of East Mountain Vineyard Church is Vickie Schiller. You know Vickie…most folks have had a conversation or two with her.

Vickie loves interacting with people, hearing what they have to say and offering her input on the subject. When I asked her what she looks for in the folks who would be Greeters, she said, “I’m a talker and that suits me well for this ministry. I look for other talkers to help me.” She’s done a great job thus far in supplying the ‘front lines’ with energetic and welcoming greeters.

This is by no means an easy task. Being a greeter is a demanding occupation but, for those blessed with the gift, very rewarding. I asked Vickie how it was possible for her team to have the Peace and Joy of God every Sunday morning. With no hesitation, Vickie said, “Prayer…it’s the only way. The weeks’ worth of the world we end up with has to be yielded to the Lord. Then He takes care of the Peace.”

That explains a lot, doesn’t it!

The Greeting Ministry is looking for men and women gifted with the Love of God who have an ongoing and deepening relationship with God who sincerely want to get to know folks they might not know.

Contact Vickie Schiller for more information and to volunteer for the Greeting Ministry.

Greeting Ministry

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