Ministry Spot Light! Hospitality Ministry

Ministry Spot Light!

Hospitality Ministry

                      Written by Thomas Van HartTom in New Hope, PA

The Hospitality Ministry is seen in action on the first Sunday every month when we have our monthly Fellowship Luncheon.  While Hospitality is skippered by Cindy Van Hart, she insists it is a group effort.

Without the fellowship of believers at East Mountain, none of it would be possible.  While Cindy may get the sign up sheet ready and post an announcement or two in the church bulletin, on meal day it is the effort of the fellowship that makes it a success.  Consider this:…we’ve never run out of or run short of food…the tables and chairs are always set up and there’s seating for all who want it…clean up is normally completed quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss and/or muss.

I am sometimes amazed at how the Body can work together successfully, forming a conclusion satisfactory for all.

I don’t suppose its that much of a mystery; but when folks lose their self concern and allow their God given gifts to operate, it is truly miraculous.  Cindy has forged through society’s wall of pretense and has found her calling as a servant to the Body.  She moves through her days with a genuine concern for the well being and comfort of others.  I see this on a daily basis and most folks that know her, sense her caring abandon and are put at ease in it.

At this time, the Hospitality Ministry has devoted its energies to the Fellowship Luncheon(s).  Cindy would like to expand the scope of the ministry to include functions like the Women’s Conference, an occasional tea, or an open house…functions where folks can get to know each other, collaborate and …who knows?…start something new for God’s glory.

If you would like to help Cindy with planning for the Fellowship Meal or other adventures, talk to her in church or drop an email to

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