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Ministry Spot Light!

                 Media MinistryTom in New Hope, PA

                                   Written by Thomas Van Hart

Pastor Bill Murchison is often heard saying how James Wylie is the first member of the East Mountain Vineyard Church.  He’s also the leader of the church’s Media Ministry.  You will generally see James helping in one way or another:  making coffee on Sunday mornings, setting up the water bottles, buying said bottles, coffee, creamer, cups, and generally pitching in anywhere help is needed.  I have seen James, on the spur of the moment reschedule a long term commitment so that he could assist a friend who asked for his help.

That is the way James Wylie is.  His helping seems, to the casual observer, to be effortless.  His giving is an extension of who he is…a reflection of his heart.

The Media Ministry records the Women’s Conference each year.  Members of the Media Ministry will be seen helping direct the parking and setting up the lunch tables for the yearly conference.And James has stamped this trait onto the Media Ministry.  The ministry exists for the benefit of others…  The ministry primarily balances the different elements of sound during Sunday’s services and erects the ‘overheads’ so everyone can sing along with the worship team.  The team keeps a digital record of every sermon and makes copies available to all by request.  There’s a sign-up sheet for sermon copies at the media booth.

Members of this team are required to be present at Worship Ministry practice sessions before the service on Sunday and one day during the week.  It is necessary, too, for team members to stay knowledgeable and current with the software and hardware used and be willing to learn new procedures and equipment.

New equipment for the new facility is currently in the works and a future media involvement with the Youth Fellowship is planned

The Media Ministry needs more volunteers to run the sound board and the overheads on Sundays.  James would like women as well as men to volunteer.  Experience is not needed, but a proven and heartfelt desire to help others is mandatory.  Talk with James or anyone at the media booth for more information on how you can volunteer.

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