Ministry Spot Light! The Men’s Ministry

 Ministry Spot Light!

                The Men’s MinistryTom in New Hope, PA

                          Written by Thomas Van Hart

The best way to introduce the Men’s Ministry is to copy the first section of the East Mountain Vineyard Men’s Ministry Guidelines:

The purpose of the Men’s Ministry is to help men grow and mature in their walk with the Lord, and in their roles as leaders in their marriages, families, church, and community.

This can be carried out through a number of different ways:

1.). Regularly scheduled Bible studies. These help men to grow strong in the Word.

2.). Small group ministry. In small groups, men can fellowship, and develop relationally with one another.

3.). Men’s Conferences and retreats. These give more concentrated times for men to spend together, worship together, and to receive teaching from God’s word.

4.). Casual and fun activities. These provide an opportunity for men to play together, and enjoy a more casual atmosphere. They also provide an opportunity to bring neighbors and friends who do not know Christ.

The Men’s Ministry meets every other Saturday morning for breakfast at 7:30 and then Bible study at 8:00.  Following 30-45 minutes in the Word, there’s a time for prayer; we usually break down into smaller groups for more intimate conversation and prayer.  It is quite a melting pot of men from different walks of life at different stages in their walk with Christ.

There are different teachers week to week and, while Greg Richard is leader of the Men’s Ministry and prepares for each meeting, he loves to hear other men teach, expounding on the Word from their perspective.  If need be, Greg will work with a man who has never taught before.Men Under Construction

Especially since the new facility came into play, many of the Saturday mornings become Work Days where there is work tacked onto the usual meeting.  Working together and common goals are great fellowship builders…and a lot gets accomplished when men of God team together.

An average of 10-12 men take part in the Saturday festivities and over the past year there have been 4 or 5 different teachers. There’s always room for more!!

The Men’s Ministry takes part in at least one conference a year.  The next one is next week in north Albuquerque.

Greg looks forward to the day when he can gather the men at the inside rock climbing playground or some other sports activity and harness everyone up for a try at vertical climbing.

If you’d like more information on the doings of the Men’s Ministry, talk to Greg Richard…and if you’re not familiar with Greg…he’s the one keeping rhythm with the hand drums on Sunday mornings.

Men's Ministry EMV

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