Positions of Prayer – Part 2, Falling On Our Face Before God # 1

Positions of Prayer – Part 2

Falling On Our Face Before God # 1

By Pastor Bill

 We are looking at some positions of prayer. Last week we looked at the significance of lifting our hands while we pray. This week we are going to look at falling on our face before God. We have a number of examples in the Old and New Testament.

Falling on our face before God is an expression of deep reverence of the Lord. When someone realizes that they are in the presence of Almighty God, the natural thing to do is to fall on our face before Him. In Genesis 17, the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him, “I am God Almighty; walk before Me, and be blameless. And I will establish My covenant between Me and you, and I will multiply you exceedingly.” Abram’s response was to fall on his face. Then, the Lord continued to talk with Abram, and changed his name from Abram to Abraham, because he was going to be a father of a multitude of nations. (See Genesis 17:1-4.)

We have been looking at the Truth Project in Life Groups. We saw last time how many people see God outside the box. They do not see Him as relevant. When someone comes into the presence of God, and God reveals Himself to him, as One who is God Almighty, and is not outside the box, but is right here in their presence, the response is to fall on your face before Him.

This is how the leper responded to Jesus in Luke 5:12-13. “When he saw Jesus, he fell bowingon his face and implored Him, saying, ‘Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.’” The leper realized that he was standing before the LORD, who was able to heal and cleanse him. He realized that Jesus was God, and he fell on his face and asked the Lord to heal him. Jesus’ response was to stretch out His hand, touch him, and to say, “I am willing, be cleansed.” Luke tells us that the leprosy immediately left the man. The man had come into the presence of Almighty God and had been touched by Him. (See Luke 5:12-13.)

As we worship the Lord, it is quite appropriate at times to simply fall on your face before Him and to declare that He is God Almighty. When we sense the presence of the Lord, we need to feel the freedom to fall on our faces. When we get a glimpse of His holiness and His power, it is good to fall on our faces. We may find in our individual times of worship and prayer, that falling on our faces before Him is the best expression of our heart that we have.

Father, make us a people who worship You with all of our body, soul, and spirit. Help us to experience Your presence and Your holiness in our individual and our corporate times. Reveal Yourself as one who is not outside the box, but inside the box of our lives. Amen.


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