Positions of Prayer – Part 5, Standing

Positions of Prayer – Part 5


By Pastor Bill

Stand firm In Ephesians 6, we are told to stand firm three times. Scripture mentions stand or standing 539 times. There are a great number of meanings of standing. Listed below is a very abbreviated list to consider.

  • In war, kings took their stand against one another. Goliath took his stand against Israel, challenging any of them to fight him. David’s mighty men took their stand in war. When we stand firm against the schemes of the enemy in Ephesians 6, we are defending our position before the enemy. He has “systems”, tactics, and schemes to weaken or destroy us, and we are to be alert, and stand against his attacks. (See 1 Sam 17:16, 1 Chr 11:14, Josh 1:5, 7:13, Eph 6:11, 13, 14.)
  • In our faith, we are holding on to our doctrines and beliefs. We are told to stand in our traditions, to stand in our faith, and to stand in grace. We are maintaining and holding onto our faith. (See Rom 5:2, 11:20, 1 Cor 16:13, Phil 4:1, and 2 Thess 2:15.)
  • In the legal system, we stand trial, meaning we stand before the judge and the jurors. In Exodus 18:14, the people stood before Moses all day, waiting for their case to be heard. The Lord took His stand before His congregation to judge them. (See Ex 18:14, Nu 5:18, Deut 19:17, Ps 82:1)
  • In honouring the Lord or people, we stand in their presence. When Moses went out to the tent of meeting, all the people would arise and stand. We are also told to stand in awe of the Lord. When Nehemiah read the book of the Law, all the people stood up. (See Ps 22:23, 33:8, Neh 8:5, Ex 33:8.)
  • In service, we stand before the people we serve. Solomon’s servants stood before him. The Levites stood before the Lord to serve Him. In Psalms 24:3, David asks, who may stand in His holy place? He is really asking who can minister to the Lord? (See Num 16:9, 2 Chr 9:7, Deut 10:8, 18:5, Ps 24:3.)
  • In support of one another, we stand with someone. When Israel cried out to Moses for water in the wilderness, the Lord told Moses to strike the rock. He said He would stand before him while he struck the rock. God was giving support to Moses. (See Ex 17;6, Nu 1:5, 11:16.)

“Father, we want to be a people who stand in awe and man in praisereverence of You. We want to be
a people who stand firm in our faith. We want to be a strong and alert people who stand firm against the schemes of the devil. We want to be a people who stand with one another, and support one another. We want to be a people who take our stand in serving You and one another. We want to be a people who stand in prayer, standing in the gap, interceding for people. Help us to take our stand before You and before the people in the East Mountains. Amen.

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