Worship The Lord – The Worship Team Part 19

The Worship Team Part 19

By Pastor Bill

In Colossians 4:7-18, Paul gives his closing remarks. He shares thoughts about all of his team members, gives greetings from them to the Colossians, gives some instructions and exhortations, and closes with his own personal greeting. This passage is not just a passage about Paul’s closing remarks, it gives us insights and details about the various members of Paul’s team. He had assembled a group of people who faithfully served together and turned the world upside down. I want to look at team building, and in particular, a worship team.

Every team needs a leader. Paul is the team leader. As a leader, Paul had tremendous respect and appreciation for his team members. He shares kind and encouraging words about each of them. He calls them his brothers and says that they are faithful servants. Teams need a leader who builds them up and believes in them. They need a leader who recognizes their gifts and abilities, equips them, and then releases them into their callings. Worship teams also need this kind of leader. Some Psalms, like Psalm 62, were written to the choir director, or worship leader. The worship leader had to bring together the musicians and singers, and work as a team. Each member of the team had to feel appreciated and valued. Each member had to feel like a brother, or part of the worship family/team. Each member had to be recognized for the part he played. The team leader or worship leader is a valuable member of any team.

Meet our Worship Team

Meet our Worship Team

The worship team needs faithful servants. When Paul built his team, he built it with faithful people. In 2 Timothy 2:2, Paul tells Timothy to entrust the things he has learned to faithful men. A team depends on each member to faithfully do his part. The worship team members must faithfully show up for practices. They must faithfully practice on their instruments during the week. Paul also called them servants. They were not there for position, but to serve. They were not selfish, but were looking out for the interests of others. In the same way, the worship team members must also be servants. They serve and lay their lives down for our entire body. Being faithful and having a servant’s heart are key ingredients in teamwork, particularly the worship team.

Another attribute about teamwork is harmony. The word harmony comes from the Greek word harmos, which means joint. Harmony is joining together various parts in a pleasing arrangement. Paul’s team had harmony. They all worked together. They had different personalities, gifts, abilities, and callings. Paul joined them together and formed a powerful apostolic team. In music, harmony is an orderly and pleasing arrangement of notes that have been joined together. A worship team must blend and join together personalities, gifts, abilities, and desires to produce a pleasing arrangement of music.

Father, I ask You to help us be a church that has harmonious teams. I pray for our worship team to continue to grow numerically and harmoniously. Help us to appreciate and honor one another. Help us to faithfully serve others. May our worship be harmonious and pleasing to You. Amen.


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