Worship The Lord – Worship with Instruments – Part 4

Worship with Instruments – Part 4

by Pastor Bill 

We have seen that God wants all of us to praise Him, everything that has breath. We are to praise Him in His mighty expanse, everywhere we go. He tells us what to focus on when we praise Him. We are also told to praise Him for His mighty deeds and for His excellent greatness. In Psalm 150:3-6, God tells us how we are to praise Him. He tells us to praise Him with musical instruments, with dancing, and with our breath.

In this short psalm, we are commanded to praise the Lord. The word praise is used thirteen times. The Hebrew word is Halal, which means to boast or praise. The word hallelujah is a combination of halal and Yahweh, meaning praise the Lord. We must use our vocal chords and breath when we praise the Lord. Our voices are our primary instruments of praise that we are commanded to use.

I will worship the LORD

However, there are many other instruments that are mentioned. In verse three we are told to “praise Him with trumpet sound; praise Him with harp and lyre.” Personally, I love the trumpet sound. I love the brass instruments. The harp and lyre are also mentioned. These are both stringed instruments. While the trumpet can be loud, the harp and lyre are more mellow, and add a whole different sound to worship. In verse four, we are told to “praise Him with timbrel and dancing” A timbrel is like a tambourine. It gives a joyful sound, but also can help with rhythm. We are also told to praise Him with dancing. We have not seen the dance released in our congregation, but this is another way to bless God in our worship. It goes on to say to “praise Him with stringed instruments and pipe.” The stringed instruments include the guitar, violin, bass, and piano. All of these  instruments help make praise that is delightful and pleasing to the Lord.

In verse five, we are told to “praise Him with loud cymbals; praise Him with resounding cymbals.” These percussion instruments are part of most drum sets today. Some churches build drum booths so that the noise of the drums and cymbals can be dampened. In smaller auditoriums, this is understandable. WE do not like it too loud. Notice that the Lord says to praise Him with loud cymbals. The Lord is not offended or bothered by loud cymbals. It is all pleasing to the Lord.

As a member at EMV, I am grateful to the Lord that He has brought many talented musicians. I am grateful for the acoustic and bass guitars. I am grateful for the djembe drum. I am grateful for the keyboard. We continue to pray for God to add more instruments of praise to our worship team. Our desire is to worship the Lord as He wants to be worshiped.


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